Scrip (Gift Card) Fundraising Program

We all have graduations, Weddings, Fathers Day and Birthdays coming up, this is the prefect way to give a gift and help our Church at the same time.  You don’t only have to give the cards as gifts you can use them to purchase a gift or for your everyday shopping and activities.  There are movie, shopping, vacations, subscriptions etc… available.  If you need to pick up a prescriptions there are several different cards for that also.

Look through this Gift Card List and consider these vendors and order a card before your next purchase.

If you have a special request please email me or call me 732-619-5055 ( please leave a message if I don’t answer) and I will be thrilled to place your order.

Karen M. Richard


Endowment Fund / Millennium Fund Giving Tree

Building Improvement Projects (replace heating/air conditioning systems, church repairs due to Hurricane Irene, etc.) at St.John’s United Methodist Church are funded by monies donated into the Endowment Fund for long term projects/investments or the Millennium Fund Giving Tree for short term designated projects (heating/air conditioning systems, church van, etc.).

The Endowment fund was established in 1992 by St. John’s United Methodist Church Charge Conference and is administered by the Endowment Fund Committee. Currently the Endowment Fund is monitored via the Finance Committee to evaluate investments; evaluate our investments; administer bequests; monitors the Millennium Fund; and considers other Endowment fund related matters.

Please prayerfully consider an Endowment fund donation to help the long term financial health of your church. This will go a long way to help replenish the Endowment Fund which contributed over $100,000 for the repairs due to Hurricane Irene.

The Millennium Fund Giving Tree was established in 1999 for designated monetary contributions are recognized by have the contributors name added to the Giving Tree in the curved hallway.

There are different levels of giving which are identified by the different parts of the tree:

  • The highest giving level is indicated by the Supporter Stones 
  • The next highest giving level is indicated by the Builder Stones
  • The next giving level is indicated by the Acorns
  • The next giving level is indicated by the Brass Leaves
  • The next giving level is indicated by the Copper Leaves

Please prayerfully consider a Millennium Fund Giving Tree donation to help your church for designated church improvements! Contact the Church Office for information related to making contributions to the Endowment Fund or the Millennium Fund Giving Tree.


Church Restoration Project

Click here to read about the restoration efforts to repair our church after the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. There was also a follow-up newspaper article written by the Community Reporter which you can read here.

The restoration was very costly and donations are always welcome. Please call the Church Office for more information.