Children’s Choirs

Children’s Choir 11:00 AM begins September 15th

Join our Music Minister, in the Music Room, while parents and guardians enjoy Coffee Hour & fellowship in the Wesley Hall. All children are invited to join!  Children will sing together during Church services. Please pick your child up in the Music Room at 11:30AM.

Youth Praise Band for children in grades 4th through 6th

Join our music minister, Wednesdays at 4:00PM, in the Music Room.  Bring your instrument and be ready to learn some amazing praise songs.  Praise Band will play during Church services.  For more information, contact Mr. Schkeeper at 732-264-1236.

Wesleyan Bells

This bell choir is available for all children through 4th through 6th period.  First bell meeting will be September 25th in the music room.  For more information contact Mrs. B (Gail Bechtoldt) at 732-567-0044.


Here is a list of our other Music Programs.